Welcome to the Unmanned Systems Lab

Our research focuses on Mapping, Localization, Guidance, Navigation and Control for developing autonomous ground and aerial vehicles. Our projects span from algorithmic design and implementation to field experimentation of aerial and ground robots. A specific goal is field deployment of such vehicles in relevant environments. We are currently deploying autonomous shuttles on campus, self-driving cars, trucks and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).


June 30, 2020:

2 papers accepted in IROS 2020

1. A POMDP Treatment of Vehicle-Pedestrian Interaction: Implicit Coordination via Uncertainty-Aware Planning
2. Experimental Evaluation of 3D-LIDAR Camera Extrinsic Calibration

May 1, 2020:

4 papers accepted for IV 2020

1. An Iterative LQR Controller for Off-Road and On-Road Vehicles Using a Neural Network Dynamics Mode
2. Extrinsic Calibration of a 3D-LIDAR and a Camera
3. Systems Integration, Simulation, and Control for Autonomous Trucking
4. AutoCone: An OmniDirectional Robot for Lane-Level Cone Placement

May 21, 2020:

Paper in Journal of Manufacturing Systems

Image-based flight control of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for material handling in custom manufacturing

February 1, 2020:

Paper in ICRA 2020

Fast Local Planning and Mapping in Unknown Off-Road Terrain

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